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The Fun Fan Club / Radio Onda
05.09.2021 - 22:39
Radio Onda is a station managed by the association ASBL Onda, based in Brussels, Belgium. Our activities are focused on spreading Brazilian culture across the old continent. For this, in addition to the Internet radio, we set up a short wave station, on the frequency 6140 KHz. The transmission site is based in the Netherlands, with 500W of power, which covers a large part of Europe. The programming is quite varied, as you will hear popular Brazilian Music (MPB), National Rock, Samba, Country, among other national styles. In this way, we bring you a great musical variety, with a lot of humor and information, for a public not only Brazilian, but also Belgian and European.

ASBL Onda is a member of HFCC, an international entity responsible for the coordination of shortwave radio frequencies, in addition to the ITU, based in Geneva.
Moomin coffee...

...and radio room  ;D

And an audio clip of today show from KiwiSDR in Iitti, Finland!AiX4BSU3gs4NhaBD9CVWU0Z_R9gEFw?e=3aKMCv
The Fun Fan Club / Radio Europa24
05.09.2021 - 18:45
Europa 24 is run by radio enthusiasts. It's not commercial. We want to make a program for people who are outside of their home country and have no access to the internet. We bring news in different languages every quarter of the hour.

We transmit daily on 6150kHz from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. UTC with an output of 200 watts .

We would like to increase the transmission power, but unfortunately this is no longer affordable for us.

Have lots of fun and always good reception of Europe 24.

We look forward to your reactions. Write to us, we can also take criticism!


'Bringing back the 'Golden Era of Offshore AM Radio...'

From a broadcast facility in Kall-Krekel in Germany we broadcast on Shortwave, on the following frequencies: in the 49, 41 and 75 meter bands on 6085, 7310 and 3985 kHz.

6085 - Every Day 09:00 - 18:00 hrs

Every day we bring you music and jingles from the Golden Era of offshore broadcasting, right across Europe and around the World. True 'Free Radio', with today's technology. No tight formats or playlists, just the best music made and played between 1960 and 1988, handpicked by our DJ's.

Most of our DJ crew actually started their long careers on legendary pirate radio ships such as Radio Caroline's 'MV Mi Amigo', Swinging Radio England's 'Laissez-Faire' and Laser 558's 'Communicator'.

Put that amazing 24/7 Free Radio AM sound back into your life with fabulous live programmes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on shortwave and online too.

We welcome your reception reports, reactions in our guestbook (please write something nice when you leave) and on Facebook and by return you'll receive our new colourful QSL-card.

Lots of possibilities where to listen but here´s one: