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Aloittaja JJH, 05.09.2021 - 14:36

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RNEI test broadcast on WRMI 15770 tomorrow (9.2.2023)
Hei all,

We are going to be having a test broadcast this Thursday (Tomorrow) and next Thursday at 13:00UTC on 15770KHz for Europe, North Africa, East coast USA and maybe even the Middle East!

We hope to hear your feedback on the signal and also your comments on the show!

Wishing you all well and a happy new year,
Radio Northern Europe International


"Hei alle,
I just thought I'd mention that we're testing a new time for 9670kHz (332 Degrees) that might work better in the summer. 11UTC is really poor range and hopefully this time might improve that?
Crossed fingers it works! "
So - the 9670 kHz transmission will take a place every second week at 1600 UTC on Saturdays  - it is just today the 29th April and the 13th May as well etc
the transmissions continue on 6070 kHz every second Sunday at 11:00 UTC  but at least the 7th May.. maybe longer..
and that traditional WRMI-transmission from Florida at 1300 UTC on 15770 kHz every Thursday! will continue..
This will allow us to air music we are enthusiastic about from all over the world while still primarily focusing on Northern European music!
This remit change will be re-evaluated for B23 (November 2023 – March 2024) based on listener feedback to the summer shows 🙂
Prepare to hear some Japanese film-music, Taiwanese Jazz and more interesting songs in RNEI #41!
We're also going to be changing the time of the 9670kHz broadcast to better be received in Northern Europe as is the target. It might be the case that it moves to 6070 later in the night instead of 9670.
Wishing you all well,
– Roseanna
(Tack Harri!)