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8kpl Körner 9.2 antennin kombinaatio
« : 31. 03. 2019 14:02 »
Ja tällaisen voi rakentaa niistä jos on tarpeeksi esteetöntä tilaa:

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Dear Jouni JJJ Karjalainen,
thank you very much for your enquiry and the interest shown in the products and services of

We are pleased to answer your questions as follows:
recycling systems
You write
"[...] the consumer can deliver them to collection points in Finland free of charge! [...]"

You are completely right and it's the same here and - as far as we know - also in the other EU-countries: recycling is "free" of charge à for the consumers! (actually not rally free, but - at least - free of extra charge) ...
…  but, somebody has to take care, that the costs of the recycling and related efforts are covered, don't you agree? So, and now, please, just guess, who this might be ...

Right! The authorities give that responsibility through to those, who make their profit with all that products and who - in turn - include these costs into the (retail) prices: industry and commerce. So far - so good. But …

And no, it's not that new, what you can discover on the dates of our comments linked above. "Only" new is the Novella of the WEEE-regulation that now refers to all (finished) electrical products which are conducting electricity or even any signals - as there are (for example) passive antennas and assembled antenna cables etc.

Alternatives to obtain the goods we have suggested here:

Advance information: We can pack a maximum of two antennas + two stabilizers in one package (199,9 x 17,5 x 16,5 cm / approx. 4,5 - 5,5 kg). The space requirement of the amplifiers can be neglected in the planning (unless purchased separately).

quantity discount
Please consider that all mentioned products - although entirely hand crafted - are already extremely sharp-priced. Because of that and, production is - for reasons of capacity - only possible in small numbers anyway (consider the information above the item description), we can't grant any discounts on this items. Thank you for your understanding.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Ihr Team von

Inh. Heike Stiller

FON +49 (0) 3329 6347131
FAX +49 (0) 3329 6347132
Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95 (Geb. 99/101)
14532 Stahnsdorf
Deutschland / Germany

USt-ID / VAT-ID: DE251019468
WEEE-Reg-Nr.:  DE90675622

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