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Tämä jakso sallii sinun katsoa tämän jäsenen kaikkia viestejä. Huomaa, että näet vain niiden alueiden viestit, joihin sinulla on nyt pääsy.

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We will be on air
31-12 2021

En then in the new year we will change two thing:
- new frequency testing 41m 7340
- new transmitter for 6020 with more carrier power
Delta Radio International
Hi Kari - thank you for passing on the reports of so many Encore FinFriends - please greet everyone and wish them a Happy Christmas for me.
I will do my best to keep Encore on the air. There is a steady trickle of donations which is helping.Best wishes, Brice.
Brice Avery - Encore - Radio Tumbril - www.tumbril.co.uk
Hi Janne, Thank you so much for your very kind and helpful reception report. I am very glad that you enjoy Encore. I hope you can keep listening. Very best wishes and a Happy Christmas, Brice.  Brice Avery - Encore - Radio Tumbril - http://www.tumbril.co.uk GMØTLY

Radio Delta International story

Radio Delta International is a nice Dutch free radio station founded in 1971, broadcasting on 6020 kHz and 6005 kHz shortwave from a facility in Elburg the Netherlands. Radio Delta International was unlicensed by any government for most of its early life, it was a pirate radio station with a great history that never became legal. Ever since more than 49 years have passed with ups and downs. No doubt more ups than downs. What kept and keeps us going can be best described as "The love for Free Radio". Reason: "More and more countries are switching off their powerful shortwave broadcasters, because the internet and DAB+ frequencies offer good alternatives. This creates room for free radio forms as that from Radio Delta International."

Every Saturday evening and Sunday we bring you great 'live' shows on 49meters shortwave right across Europe and around the world. No tight formats or playlists, just the best music with Requests and greetings from our listeners. We welcome your Reception Reports, reactions in our Guestbook and Whatsapp messages and by return you'll receive our new eQSL-card with personal notes..and the transmitter!

Rhode & Schwarz SK080 with classic anode/screen modulation, built in 1959. 100% tube-based, 800 Watts RF, sucks 3.4 kVA (one phase!). Radio Delta engineers refurbished this beautiful vintage AM broadcast transmitter. We used this transmitter in the 80's on shortwave 7325kHz. The R&S SK080 has a nice internal modulator with 2 x QB3/300 tubes with a brilliant AM modulation. This R&S SK080 transmitter could modulate around 800 watt nom. Many dutch pirate stations use the smaller R&S SK010 with external modulator, this transmitter can modulate around 130 Watt nom.

The R&S SK family was used by the German Army during the 60's and beginning of the 70's. During the 80's and 90's this army surplus was sold to handlers. It was in the past rather simple to buy such a gear in Germany and Holland. Later became the R&S SK1 (1 kW max carrier power AM, + USB and LSB ) popular. But their mintage was much much less. R&S transmitters have the quality of a "mercedes" car. https://radiodelta.am reports > Worth to be listened well made and entertaining! br Kari
Hei alle sammen, 
There's going to be some big changes to our broadcast schedule starting this December and our Annual Report for 2021 full of insider statistics is being published. And we will be bringing you some amazing Christmas songs too! Firstly our Annual Report has now been published here. This report contains details about the music we play, the running costs of RNEI and how we are making our decisions. If you want to help support us we have a Patreon here
We'd also love it if you could email us what your favourite song from 2021 was for the January "best of 2021" special! Now on to the fun stuff, RNEI #24 is our December & Christmas show in one! It will feature:
    Fun Christmas music from Norway
    Punchy Swedish Pop from Petra Marklund
    Silent Night but it's ABREU
    Lea Heart helps it feel like Christmas
    Julia-Maria, a small artist from Ireland, brings us a beautiful song
    Órla Fallon brings us multilingual traditional Irish Christmas song
    Our song of the month from a Danish newcomer, chosen by Karl from scandipop.co.uk
    Daði Freyr gives us something magical this Christmas
    Boyzvoice is back and this time they're dancy complete with the MFSK64 playlist embedded inside!
    On WRMI or On-Demand you'll also hear:
        Mamma's Mest Metal (Christmas Special)
        Stephen's Feature on the English singer/songwriter/guitarist John Bramwell
        Daz's EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here – Not on-demand)
    On Channel 292:
        You will hear a fantastic episode of This is an Express Music Show
        You'll also have a chance to receive Daz's EasyDRF Playlist (Decoder here) just before TIAEMS starts
We have a bonus broadcast from Channel 292 this month that is aimed at 332° targeting Northern Europe between Ireland and Finland and Southern Europe between Ukraine and Italy. This happens because there is some backbeam with these directional antennas so give them a go and see what happens!
If you miss the show you can always catch up on demand and, if you prefer to only hear our music, we have Spotify Playlists of each show usually published shortly after the first broadcast of the show!
We really hope you enjoy the show and look forward to receiving your feedback,
God jul alle sammen! Roseanna
DRI:n kotisivuilta poimittua... kuuntelijapostia --- Guestbook page 11   
 Date: 2021-07-09
    Time: 2041 utc
    Name: Janne Heinikangas
    City: Jyväskylä
    Country: Finland
    Receiver: AirSpy Mini
    Antenna: MLA-30 loop
    SINPO: 33333
    2042 10cc: "The Things We Do For Love" 2045 ID: "Radio Delta" 2045 Bobby Vee: "Rubber Ball" 2048 Delta Id 2048 Status Quo: "Pictures of Matchstick Men"

    Date: 2021-07-10
    Time: 2040
    Name: Kari Kallio
    City: Lahti
    Country: Finland
    Receiver: IITTI Kiwi SDR
    Antenna: double KAZ
    SINPO: 43444
    quite good reception in the S Finland

    Date: 2021-07-10
    Time: 2030UTC
    Name: Pekka PSOKotka
    City: Kotka
    Country: Finland
    Receiver: FlyDog SDR with my laptop
    Antenna: Wellbrook ALA1530LN
    SINPO: 44354
    very nic signal indeed

    Date: 2021-12-12
    Time: 09.55-10.25 UTC
    Name: Tatu Pääkkönen
    City: Kontiolahti
    Country: Finland
    Receiver: SONY ICF M780SL (portable)
    Antenna: Whip antenna
    SINPO: 25222
    Hello! The signal wasn't weak but the quality of sound was so soft that I had difficulties in hearing the talk. There weren't familiar songs either, so I thought I wouldn' t come up with a report. Suddenly at 10.08 the goddesses of short wave gave me two minutes of good reception (SINFO 45434). I heard a ballad about a guy waiting at the station and falling in love with a girl whose name he doesn't know. That's when a DJ said "This is R Delta, the short wave station on 48 metres." After the song you had a DX friendly chain of jingles which ended at 10.22. DJ said "Good morning" and sent greetings to Finland for reception reports. The signal faded away at 10.25. If this report is good enough, I would welcome a QSL.

Date: 2022-01-01
Time: 10.34-11.06 UTC
Name: Per-Ole Stenman
Country: Finland
Receiver: JRC NRD-525
Antenna: 500 meter outdoor
SINPO: 44444
10.34 UTC "New Year's Day", 10.36 "Solo" 10.39 listerner requests, web address, contacts, special greetings to Finland. 10.41 "Solo" continued. 10.43 "Starway to Heaven" 10.52 "Stairway to Heaven on Shortwave Band 6020 - 49 meters.." 10.53 "Happy New Year" by ABBA. 10.57 "J'ai Pas Vingt Ans", 11.02 "You Shock Me All Night Long". 11.06 "Sha La La I Love You" I heard this station on New Year's Day 2022 for the first time in my life. I am listening with a JRC NRD-525 receiver and outdoor antenna, 500 meter length, since I'm also trying to hear Dutch medium wave stations during the winter season.

    Date: 2022-01-01
    Time: 0845-0850 --gmt/utc
    Name: Jussi Lappalainen
    City: Laitila
    Country: Finland
    Receiver: Kenwood TS-930s
    Antenna: 80mtr dipole
    SINPO: 41344
    I have been listening to your broadcasts for several days. You are requesting listening reports. Here is a report for you about Laitila in southwestern Finland. It feels good and covers most disturbances with its strength. Thank you. I would like to receive QSL confirmation.

Date: 2021-12-26
Time: 0851 -0910
Name: Harri Kiikeri
City: Vesajärvi
Country: Finland
Receiver: remote control KIWI SDR receive
Antenna: located in the IITTI Finland antenna that is Double KAZ direction 310 degreen
SINPO: 33333
During this time program consist Very Good Music and greetings from listerns . See Attached audio file

    Date: 2021-12-25
    Time: 10.00 forward
    Name: Jarkko Lehtovaara
    City: Virrat / Liedenpohja 23E37´39"/62N22´40"
    Country: Finland
    Receiver: ICOM IC-7400
    Antenna: 1/4 GP for 187 m (Scandinavian Weekend Radio MW mast)
    SINPO: 45445
    Programme details: - several finnish songs and wishes to Risto - Friday on my mind At the moment we don't have possibility to send audio file but the reception is very good. We are spending Christmas here with friends. Could you play "Don Huonot - Merirosvoradio" for us? Best wishes, Jarkko and Mikko from Finland
6020, Radio Delta International, Elburg, 0705-0751, 05-12, English, id. "Radio Delta International", "Delta Radio", comments, program "The Finish Hour", pop songs. 35433.
Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Aart: Finish hour👌🏻👌🏻
Hi Kari - Happy Independence Day to you and all FinnFriends
Brice Avery - Encore - Radio Tumbril - www.tumbril.co.uk

Jean Sibelius Finlandia Sibelius Hall in Lahti played by Sinfonia Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Harris DX 25U Transmitter
Two views of our new transmitter part way through its rebuild.
The Harris DX 25U is a 100% solid state unit with digital Amplitude Modulation.

Harris DX transmitters boast a typical efficiency of over 83%, resulting in the industry's lowest power cost. They also contain a lightning protection system and broadband interchangeable RF amplifier modules to simplify remote maintenance.
Pictures: Ray Clark

Uutislaari / Radio Caroline kiittää
04.12.2021 - 12:39
Friday 3rd December: Transmitter engineer Alan Beech reports

A big thank you from everyone here at Radio Caroline to all those who have sent in reception reports over the past week via our website and other means for our improved 648 AM service.

To say that we have been rather overwhelmed and inundated would be an understatement! With just a few exceptions all feedback is that we have a healthy increase in signal and audibility. That was the main aim of our power increase – to improve the signal in our primary coverage areas of Essex, Suffolk, parts of Norfolk and Kent. We wished to overcome the increasing amount of interference caused by power lines and overhead telephone lines whilst on the move and the high number of household devices that cause interference within the home. Any perceived extension of our coverage area is incidental but obviously welcome.

We did receive numerous reports from far off locations saying our signal was still poor and could we increase it some more. Sadly not, as we are licenced by OFCOM to provide a community radio service in the aforementioned areas and that limits the power we can use. Any further increase in power would also significantly increase our electricity costs too as high power radio transmitters have a phenomenal appetite for electricity. We must always be aware of the vagaries of medium wave transmission and reception, and during these winter months the signal may well travel much further and give a fairly steady daytime signal in remote locations, but once the days start to lengthen again in the spring, that reception may well tail off. Night-time always gives extended range to our signal and it has been heartening to see reports from as far away as Portugal, Italy, Czech republic and Northern Finland. Of course, whilst our signal travels a long way at night other stations on the same frequency also travel further and often reception of Caroline in areas with a fair signal during daytime will have poor reception and much interference at night.

A fair number of reports mention our audio quality, and this is something we are aware of. We woud like to point out that options for reliable high speed connectivity at our transmission site are somewhat limited, and we are currently using a 64kb/s feed to site, which can tend to limit quality. However, many of the reports also suggest that our audio quality is excellent, so it is very much both a personal taste and a function of the radio you are listening on. Hopefully we can make adjustments to this to everyone's satisfaction in due course. For those with an interest in such matters we are using the same DSPx processor we installed in 2017 and the new transmitter is a Harris DX25U, previously located near Rotterdam and used on 828Khz. We are running an authorised radiated power of 4kw from the omni-directional "reserve" antenna at Orfordness.

For those who sent in comprehensive reports and requested a QSL card we will try our best to get acknowledgments issued as soon as we can. As always, please bear in mind that we are all volunteers and already give significant amounts of our free time to keep Caroline on air and there are a LOT of requests!
Viime sunnuntain ohjelman korvasikin yllättäen Radio Moniquen päivä taajuudella ja samalla lähettimellä, joten ns. levytoiveemme Finnish Hour -ohjelmaan siirtyivät nyt viikolla eteenpäin 5.12.-ohjelmaan. Kun R Caroline soitti suomalaisen Battle Beastin musaa ohjelmassaan; menin tuubiin ja kopioin yhden heidän kappaleistaan ja muutin mp3:ksi ja pistin sen huvikseni Aartille, joka vastasikin samantien -"soitamme sen ensi sunnuntaina"! Joten tämä oli nyt väliaikamerkki heiltä, että elossa vielä ollaan ja aamulla se taas sitten alkaa :)  yt kkx

5.12.21 -- ohjelma alkoi komeasti Finlandia- hymnillä Suomen itsenäisyyspäivän kunniaksi - lisäksi Finnish Hour oli taas tietysti täynnä suomalaista Euroopassa varmasti ennen kuulematonta musiikkia. On meillä hyvä ystävä Hollannissa. Lisäksi on aikeissa tehdä jouluohjelmaa Suomesta joulun aikoihin.. ja teema saattaa näkyä myös aseman kotisivuillakin! Matskua saa hänelle lähettää... minulta hän jo tilasi paremmat kuvat radiopaidoistani :)  kkx

Tuolta löytyy myös tieto Finnish Hour -radio-ohjelmasta -- tällä hetkellä ainutlaatuinen maailmassa! :)
Perjantai 3.12.21
Non-normal conditions; I wonder if it was caused by the sun. Ups and downs though the signal as itself was like a strong one. But therefore I made a new comparison.. sound clips from 3 diff Kiwi sdrs 1) Iiitti 2) Skåne in S-Sweden 3) Götaland in W-Sweden --- 
eka selvästi sivusuunnassa kuuluvuuden vertailuyritys... valistunut arvaus oli, että etelä-Ruotsissa oli parempi sinkku, mikä myös toteutui.
Pyhäinpäivän konsertti