The Fun Fan Club

Aloittaja JJH, 29.09.2022 - 10:41

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The Fun Fan Club is a group of shortwave enthusiasts who regularly listen to and participate in the programs of certain radio stations. We spread love e.g. to the following radio stations: Radio Delta International. RNEI - Radio Northern Europe International, Radio Tumbril / Encore, Radio Mi Amigo, Europa24, Radio Onda, Texas Radio Shortwave, Radio Casanova and RealMix

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QTH: Jyväskylä (KP22VG) - Romppeet: FM/HF: AirSpy HF+, RTL-SDR - Antennit: Triax FM-3. HF: YouLoop, MiniWhip CB: CRE-8900, President Harry II Classic. RHA68: Hunter F1 Extend Range




Waves of the Past
Welcome! Waves of the Past allows you to tune into radio stations of the past, using receivers of the same age as backdrops to provide an authentic listening experience.

Please start by clicking on a radio. Scroll down for more choices. If you are using a mobile device, you can scroll by tapping the scrollbar on the right side of the radio list on the position of your choosing.