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TRSW:n viimeinen ja dramaattinen e-QSL-kortti Terryltä
Thunderstorm, West of Amherst Texas.
ke 6. syysk. 23.45

September 10 will be the final day of TRSW broadcasts for a while. 

We realize this is abrupt and apologize to listeners for the short notice.
We may be back on the air, but there are no immediate plans to do that.  We'll inform hobby and media outlets if the situation changes.
Terry N5RTC
Austin, Texas USA
image posting
Texas Radio Shortwave Relays Norway's Radio Northern Star on May 14
Mark your listening calendar!
At 0000 UTC on Sunday, May 14, Texas Radio Shortwave relays an hour of programming by Norway's low-power shortwave station, Radio Northern Star.  The program will be aired on WRMI, 5950 kHz, from Okeechobee, Floride USA.
The Northern Star broadcasts 24 hours a day from Bergen, Norway, with 35 watts on 5895 Hz.  It's seldom heard outside Europe.

Listeners will hear Radio Northern Star station IDs, announcements, and songs from its playlist.
Texas Radio Shortwave offers a special QSL for accurate, detailed reception reports sent to texasradiosw@....
Terry N5RTC
Austin, Texas USA

"Hei alle,
I just thought I'd mention that we're testing a new time for 9670kHz (332 Degrees) that might work better in the summer. 11UTC is really poor range and hopefully this time might improve that?
Crossed fingers it works! "
So - the 9670 kHz transmission will take a place every second week at 1600 UTC on Saturdays  - it is just today the 29th April and the 13th May as well etc
the transmissions continue on 6070 kHz every second Sunday at 11:00 UTC  but at least the 7th May.. maybe longer..
and that traditional WRMI-transmission from Florida at 1300 UTC on 15770 kHz every Thursday! will continue..
This will allow us to air music we are enthusiastic about from all over the world while still primarily focusing on Northern European music!
This remit change will be re-evaluated for B23 (November 2023 – March 2024) based on listener feedback to the summer shows 🙂
Prepare to hear some Japanese film-music, Taiwanese Jazz and more interesting songs in RNEI #41!
We're also going to be changing the time of the 9670kHz broadcast to better be received in Northern Europe as is the target. It might be the case that it moves to 6070 later in the night instead of 9670.
Wishing you all well,
– Roseanna
(Tack Harri!)
Pirate Hunt / Vs: Pirate Hunt 2023
06.04.2023 - 20:16
Logs by KKX in Lahti, id heard or by other means confirmed by station
Pirate Hunt 2023  Maalahti & Parainen Kiwi SDR 7.4.2023
1345 15050 Radio Harmony Nat King Colea ID 1402
1510  6207 Radio Deltracs chat confirmation
1515  5840 Polka Radio ID confirm by the station in the chat
1542  5800 Radio Contikenzo/Continental confirmation by the chatters, also 9.4. at 15:35
1600  5834 Radio Igloo several IDs -also on 9.4. at 2000
1655  6270 Cold Beer Radio ID himself in the chat, ID 17:46..on 8.4. on 6300 at 2015
1710  6670 Key Channel Radio UKDXer- hint
1720 6285 Mike Radio chat-hint, several
1730 5140 Charleston Radio ID 17:50-- also 9.4. at 1900
1740 6260 Colorado Radio chat confiirmation
1750 6300 Radio Johnny Tobacco played Eini - s/off conf-help by JBK/ 6270-8.4. but jumped again on 6300
1800 6295 Radio Pioneer ID
1820 5880/1233 Radio Rock Revolution  ID 1855
Log 8.4.23
0730 6040 Radio Casanova ID short talking only
1030 6205 Radio Mordor several IDs
1700 5835 Radio Igloo many IDs
1745 6320 Joey Radio ID 1747
1805 5130U Marconi Radio Int. pre-info of the transmission + hunters´ hints, also 9.5. 5130 at 1900
1811 6680 Radio Key Channel weakly - chatters´notes too
1820 6280 Radio Lowland ID -at 1950 on 6290 RL -ID
1847 6300 Mike Fox 48 test told himself in the chat lastly ABBA. New test 9.4. 6290 at 1753
1859 6333 Radio Aftermath-announcement (recording) but changed the name soon.. at 1908 to Radio Boomerang new ID
Log 9.4.23
1440 6265 Radio Ronalisa chatters´note about the name
1520 6275 Radio Panda confirmed to me personally in the chat privately
1530 6890 Radio Intersound - testing - Roland sent greetings to me in the chat
1540 6285 ""Rock&Roll Radio" they called themselves but it was actually no announcement (?), remained unclear...
1600 6255 UNID played several hours without giving any ID, many said "very frustrating..."
1700 6280 HitMix super power radio - every one seemed to know him but later he did put his name & frequency to the Chat name list
1755 6205 LHH played long without ID but with help of other listeners I was assured it was LHH
1809 6210 King SW as well I became assured by the friend listeners so I can put the name here :)
2025 6940 Enterprise Radio acc. to the pre-info of participating in the Pirate Hunt
Log 10.4.23
1010 6275 Radio Afterburner tnx to RHA for the help in IDing
1015 6290 Radio Polaris, he sent greetings to me in his show
1150 6280 Radio Piraña Int at least acc. to LHU, too (recording S7)
1705 6275 Radio Johnny Tobacco who announced being Zender Benzin..:))


Texas Radio Shortwave April 2023 Program Schedule

Hola Kari -
I'm happy to verify your reception report on week 4 of our South by Southwest music festival coverage.  Here's your QSL.
Here's the April program schedule.  There will be only one QSL next month, so use the available QSLs list to select those you don't already have.
Best wishes and 73.
Terry Colgan N5RTC
Texas Radio Shortwave

H Kari -
Thanks for the reception report with audio clips.  I'm glad the reception conditions were good.  You heard TRSW, and here's your SXSW QSL with the SDXL logo.

One more week of music festival coverage with a QSL, and then into April, where only one new QSL will be available.  So get the list of old QSLs and be ready to ask for the ones you don't have in your collection.
Best wishes and 73.
Terry Colgan N5RTC
Texas Radio Shortwave
Lainaus käyttäjältä: KKX - 12.02.2023 - 18:19Huomenta! 18-kielinen Language Carousel -ohjelma lähetetään Delta Radio Internationalilla su 19.2. klo 8-9 UTC. (Ilmoitti Tatu)

Odotettavissa 26.3. uusi Tatun tekemä ohjelma Radio Nordista. 19.3. tiettävästi DRI:llä ei mahda olla lähetystä
Hi Karri -
You can use US SDRs if you want, not just those in Europe.
Thanks for the audio recordings from receivers scattered around Europe.  Two of the recordings, especially, sounded almost as good as the signal I received from WRMI on my KiwiSDR in the state of Maryland. I'm happy to send you a verification for Week 1 of the South by South music festival.
Tune in next Sunday for another hour of our SXSW coverage.
Terry Colgan N5RTC

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