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The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Texas Radio Shortwave
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Beginning August 4, TRSW will beam a monthly program to North America at 0100 UTC on 9670 kHz.  Transmissions will come from Channel 292, Rohrbach, Germany.
In November, the broadcast time will change to 0200 UTC.
TRSW offers a new specially designed verification every month to listeners who email correct, detailed reception reports to . Reports from listeners using remote receivers (SDRs) are welcomed.
Terry N5RTC
Austin, Texas USA

The Fun Fan Club / Vs: RealMix Radio
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Kiitos Harrille toiveohjelman tallennuksesta. Itse oli sukujuhlissa J:kylässä ...
The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Radio Tumbril / Encore
Viimeisin viesti käyttäjältä KKX - 19.06.2024 - 00:13
Encore - Classical Music on Radio Tumbril - Midsummer Special - Times, Frequencies, Playlists, How to Support Encore.
Dear Listener,

Regular Broadcast times of Encore By WRMI and Channel 292 are:
02:00 - 03:00 UTC Friday 5850 kHz WRMI to US
20:00 - 21:00 UTC Friday 15770 kHz WRMI to Europe
10:00 - 11:00 UTC Saturday 9670 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
01:00 - 02:00 UTC Sunday 5850 kHz WRMI to US and Canada
19:00 - 20:00 UTC Sunday 3955 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
02:00 - 03:00 UTC Monday 5950 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada
13:00 - 14:00 UTC Tuesday 15770 kHz WRMI to Europe, east coast of US and Iceland. (Sometimes RTTY on the lower sideband. Suggest notch out or use USB.)

Harrin tekemä tallenne - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ok205reab13vlhzrkkgxo/Encore-juhannus-special-15062024-9670-Wessex.mp3?rlkey=ouxnx16ogpi87ixqf5yzx154r&dl=0

Some Things to see on The Encore Website:
The Encore website is www.tumbril.co.uk where you will find:
Important information about funding of Encore - Radio Tumbril.
Up to date transmission times and frequencies.
The playlists for the most recent programmes.
An email link.
Informal reception reports as well as those requesting eQSL cards are welcome.


WRMI and Channel 292 are very generous with their air-time but Encore still costs around 100 Dollars/Euros a month to broadcast.
If you can - please send a small contribution to help Encore keep going.

THE DONATION BUTTON AND 'BUY ME A COFFEE' BUTTON are on the homepage of the website - www.tumbril.co.uk - which folks can use if they would like to support Encore.

(Please don't be put off by the POWR security wall when using the PAYPAL button - it is a harmless requirement of WIX the website hosting service.)

THIS FORTNIGHT'S PROGRAMME - (First broadcast this FRIDAY 14th June) by WRMI at 0200 UTC on 5850, (and 2000 UTC on 15770) and then Channel 292 on SATURDAY (15th June) at 10:00 UTC on 9670 kHz):
The Encore Scandinavian Inspired Midsummer Special Starts with a piano piece by Oskar Merikanto, a couple of very different pieces by Hugo Alfén, and then two more piano studies by Merikanto.
After that, Taagen letter - (The Fog is Lifting), and Sommersang - (Summer Song), both by Carl Nielsen.
Next - the Overture to A MIdsummer NIght's Dream by Mendelsson, A traditional Viking song from Iceland, and The Peat Dance - played by the Danish String Quartet.
The Programme ends with two pieces from Grieg's Incidental Music for Peer Gynt.

A very good site for online SDR receivers all over the world is: http://kiwisdr.com/public/  Click the 'Map' button in the top left of the screen.
Thank you for spreading the word about Encore - Classical Music on Shortwave on Radio Tumbril - and thank you for your support.

(This bulletin is sent by Bcc to the many hundreds of listeners who have been in contact with Encore over the last nearly five years of broadcasting Encore.)

Brice Avery - Encore - Radio Tumbril - www.tumbril.co.uk
14.6. - 25.6.2024  voimassa oleva ohjelmisto
Harrin tekemä tallenne - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ok205reab13vlhzrkkgxo/Encore-juhannus-special-15062024-9670-Wessex.mp3?rlkey=ouxnx16ogpi87ixqf5yzx154r&dl=0

Pirate Hunt / Vs: Pirate Hunt 2024
Viimeisin viesti käyttäjältä JJH - 06.06.2024 - 01:40

1. Risto Harjula, Finland 61
2. Klaus Fuchs, Germany 56
3. Lars Jeppesen, Sweden 50
4. Kari Kallio, Finland 42
5. Juan Carlos Pérez Montero, Spain 32
5. Jouni Kilpinen, Finland 32
7. Reiner Schneider, Germany 24
8. Stéphane Morice, France 17
8. Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Finland 17
8. Hugo Matten, Belgium 17
11. Hans Gosdschan, Germany 12
12. Enrico Ciulla, Italy 11
13. Hans-Joachim Pellin, Germany 10
13. Pekka Sorjonen, Finland 10
15. Janne Heinikangas, Finland 6
16. Anatoly Klepov, Russia 4
17. Ezio Toffano, Italy 1

Kilometrirankit / Vs: Kilometrirankki (Sporadine...
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Hei, ilmottaisin tänne oman ennätykseni lyhyimmästä ES-skipistä;
Es    1021        67.64    BLR    BR Radio Vitebsk/OIRT, Myadzel/RTPS Telyaki (MI) /stream 673 km    holmch, Turku, QTH#1, SW Finland (FIN)    9.594    h

Kilometrirankit / Vs: Kilometrirankki (Tropo DAB...
Viimeisin viesti käyttäjältä CH - 05.06.2024 - 00:58
Keräilin tässä Jounin (JJJ) muistoa kunnioittaen DAB-lokeja 10.9.2023, jossa
- JJJ 1710 km
- CH 1648 km

Samalta päivältä molemmat kun Jounin kanssa vedettiin yhdessä toisiamme peesaten, Jouni Mynämäeltä ja minä Turusta (loki): https://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2023-09-10&dab=dab&hours=0&band=ALL&target=ALL&rxin=FIN

Tässä kuvakaappaus tuosta omasta Itävallan 1648 km DAB:ista:

Tässä myös yksi runsas tonni allekirjoittaneelta Saksasta vuodelta 2024 (CH/KoeKone)

The Fun Fan Club / Vs: RealMix Radio
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The Fun Fan Club / Vs: RealMix Radio
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Radioaktiivisten Lyhytaaltovihjeet / Toukokuu 2024
Viimeisin viesti käyttäjältä JMN - 23.05.2024 - 00:53

5980 2057- DNK: Radio OZ-Viola. Kantoaalto päälle ja audio alkoi n. 2100 UTC.
CB/PMR446/RHA68 / Vs: RHA68 rinkula Jyvässeudull...
Viimeisin viesti käyttäjältä JJH - 17.05.2024 - 08:09