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Tämä jakso sallii sinun katsoa tämän jäsenen kaikkia viestejä. Huomaa, että näet vain niiden alueiden viestit, joihin sinulla on nyt pääsy.

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Here's another collage where someone could think, "what the hell is that?"

These are the "digital extras" in the form of playlists and files transmitted via the shortwave. The people involved in this show have a very high level of IT and audio experience. Even the decoding program for HAM DRM has been greatly improved. The HTML sent with it consists of a minimum of text and uses animated vector graphics for the design. This time the elegant pattern is based on the Bézier curves.
Small mathematical formulas saved hundreds of kB of pixel information. Data rates must be used sparingly on transmission paths via shortwave.


Nu är det lördag igen!
On aika avata radio - Delta Radio International! Taajuus 6005 kHz illemmalla lauantaina ja taajuus 6020 kHz sunnuntaina liki koko päivän!
Ohjelman formaatti on suureksi osaksi - toivekonsertti - joten toiveita voi lähetykseen lähettää mielellään mp3:na, jolloin niiden soittaminen käy helpommin studiossa suorassa lähetyksessä.

"we are not on air tonight
very bad weather here
we don't  wanna damage our transmitters
we will check tomorrow again" DRI
Nice day by the radio with DRI again, no dobt! Real fun! The transmission was seeminly well audibly all over the Europe, but really nice just here in Finland! Many many record requests were played for the Finnish dxers again and many warm greetings sent and received!
This is a good community! Really nice! Many thanks to Aart again for the good show!
PS. This message was read also in the live DRI show! After that my and PSO´s music!

17.9.21 Thanks Kari - there will be some ABBA as you've probably never heard it before in Saturday's Encore...  Brice
Regular Broadcast times of Encore are:
10:00 - 11:00 UTC Saturday 6070 kHz Channel 292 to Europe - Simulcast on 9670 kHz
This week's Programme - First broadcast this coming Saturday by Channel 292 - begins with some of the suite for the ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, part of one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, and then two interpretations of other people's work by contemporary US composer Caroline Shaw. After that we'll listen to a cello sonata from Claude Debussy and the Octet in E Flat Major by Beethoven.
27.9.21 WOR: 5850 USA Radio Tumbril (via WRMI Okeechobee, FL) at 0100 // 7780 (Very Good via WRMI Okeechobee, FL) with ID of "Welcome to Encore, an hour of classical music,on Radio Tumbril with me, Brice Avery" and into a piano sonata – Very Good Sept 26 Coady-ON – Outside of the fine classical music programs on Canada's CBC Radio Two there is no finer classical music program anywhere on radio these days than this offering which is a labour of love on the part of Brice Avery. Brice's website, tumbril.co.uk, shows his broadcast schedule for WRMI as well as Channel 292 in Germany, lists the selections he is playing each week, and allows for comments on this fine program.
BBC Radio 3
Based in London, the venerable BBC Radio 3 offers live and recorded classical music and opera, as well as jazz, world music, and discussion of the arts. Highlights include live broadcasts of the BBC Proms and BBC Orchestras and Singers.
Classic FM
Billed as the UK's only 100 per cent classical music radio station. Programs include The Full Works Concert with Jane Jones and Catherine Bott, The Classic FM Chart with John Brunning, and Smooth Classics with Margherita Taylor and Myleene Klass.
Danmarks Radio P2
Copenhagen's P2 presents both live and recorded classical music, and discussion of the classical music scene.
NPO Radio 4
The Netherlands' radio station focusing on classical music, with live concerts from around the world presented each evening.
RCO Web Radio
The web radio station playing recordings from Amsterdam's Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.
Texas Radio Shortwave presents; a new series of European free radio relays via WRMI-08 Okeechobee
0000-0100 UTC on 5950 RMI 100 kW / 355 deg to ENAm English on Sunday
September 19 Crusin Radio
September 26 Offshore History Radio
October 2-3 = Radio Monique International (The Netherlands) *
October 9-10 = Radio Blackstone International (The Netherlands)
October 16-17 = Charleston International Radio (Germany) *
October 23-24 = KR1 (The Netherlands)
October 30-31 = Cupid Radio (UK) *
November 6-7 = Radio Pamela (UK)
November 13-14 = Radio Jingle Bells (Germany)
November 20-21 = Free Radio Service-Holland (The Netherlands) *
November 27-28 = The Vault (Somewhere in Europe).
*Returning content provider with new programming.
Hyvä peli. Kuvan malli on itsensä HPY:n rakentama ja tiettävästi viimeinen kappale, jonka hän teki myyntiin.
Very Nice❤️

perfect :)
we play all kind of hits
working togehther to keep the shortwave alive!
The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Radio Europa24
08.09.2021 - 14:25

Wikipedia kertoo aseman yhteistyöstä Radio Marabun kanssa: "Radio Marabu ist ein nichtkommerzieller, deutscher Radiosender mit dem Schwerpunkt Alternative Musik. Er hat seinen Sitz in Belm und strahlt europaweit Sendungen auf MW, KW, UKW und im Internet aus. Täglich ist er zwischen 8 und 18 Uhr über das Programm EUROPA 24 auf Kurzwelle 6150 mit einem durchmoderierten Programm in weiten Teilen Europas zu hören."
Tarina ei kerro, kuinka yhteistyö jatkuu tai kuinka se on päättynyt.
The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Radio Onda
08.09.2021 - 12:40
Radio Onda- uutisointia WWDXC:n sivuilta: NETHERLANDS:Radio Onda on 6140 kHz AM; antenna for 9520 kHz is ready.

In a communication from the station I was told that the new antenna for planned 9520 kHz "is ready". Now they are waiting for the transmitter to
arrive: "It is low power, 400 to 500 watts, but enough to cover most of Europe. Hope to put it on air in the next two months or so, I am not sure
about the propagation, if it will be good during day or night, or both, lets see...". vy73

Radio Onda 6140 kHz s/on must have been a couple of minutes ago. Now at 1450 UTC on August 29, SINPO 44444 with music from Brazil.
They are communicating 9520 kHz. I will ask for confirmation.

9520 kHz was confirmed by Radio Onda, a move from former 9530 kHz instead! (Harald Kuhl-D  DL1AX, BrDXC-UK groups.io Aug 29 / 30)

Re: Radio Onda on 6140 kHz AM; antenna for 9520 kHz is ready.
? 9520 kHz ?   HFCC.org request on 9530 kHz instead. 73 wb jn48or

Radio Onda operates from the Dutch city Borculo on 6140 kHz (500 watt)! In addition to good French music, the best international hits from the 80s and 90s, you will also hear beautiful Brazilian songs! The intention is to start from October/November 2021 with a 2nd short wave transmitter on 9520 kHz. The website is https://www.radioonda.be/.
The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Radio Onda
08.09.2021 - 00:47
MPB music - what is it?  It is typical Brazilian popular music - very entertaining! MPB is also an essential part of Radio Ondas programs!
I put here for you some good examples of that nice music!
Do enjoy!
Kari- eu amo isso

The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Radio Onda
08.09.2021 - 00:14
Alex innokas DX-kuuntelija Valko-Venäjällä on ladannut videon tuubiin Ondan kuuluvuudesta siellä:
The Fun Fan Club / Vs: Radio Europa24
07.09.2021 - 23:19
SDXL Vuoden asema 2014 –äänestys - Radio Station of the Year 2014 vote of SDXL

on päättynyt ja kaikki äänet laskettu. Voiton vei Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation Tansaniasta: Tässä tulokset:
1) Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation, Tansania: 9 ääntä
2) Europa 24, Saksa: 8 ääntä !!!
3) Radio Gramox, Suomi: 8 ääntä
4) KBC, Alankomaat: 5 ääntä
5) Cheng Sheng BC, Taiwan: 4 ääntä
Kiitokset kaikille äänestäjille.... JMN

28.9.21 "Willkommen zu unserem Fun Fan Klub radioeuropa24!"
"Hallo, thank you for the info!"
73 europa 24