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Otsikko: Skywaves FM & TV group uusi osoite
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Tiedoksi Skywaves FM & TV ryhmän osoite on muuttunut.
Hieman harmittava juttu jos vanhoja messuja ei ole missään koska siellä oli paljon mielenkiintoista informaatioita.

New Skywaves FM & TV DX Forum:

New Skywaves MW DX Forum:

We regret to announce that the Skywaves FM & TV group has been deleted by the previous owner and it has not been possible to recover the messages and files. There is also a new MW DX forum. The domain and web hosting have been restored.

We welcome back members from the previous group, and we welcome all new members with an interest in this subject, including SWL's, Radio Amateurs and Medium-Wave DXers.

This group is for everyone interested in the hobby of long-distance (DX) radio and TV reception and will continue from the previous Skywaves Yahoo group.

Please note that the new Skywaves Yahoo forums continue at the new addresses above. A new system is in place which will ensure that the group remains free from politics and flaming wars. We also aim to reinstate the Skywaves website soon.

Thank you - The Skywaves moderation team
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