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Radio Onda is a station managed by the association ASBL Onda, based in Brussels, Belgium. Our activities are focused on spreading Brazilian culture across the old continent. For this, in addition to the Internet radio, we set up a short wave station, on the frequency 6140 KHz. The transmission site is based in the Netherlands, with 500W of power, which covers a large part of Europe. The programming is quite varied, as you will hear popular Brazilian Music (MPB), National Rock, Samba, Country, among other national styles. In this way, we bring you a great musical variety, with a lot of humor and information, for a public not only Brazilian, but also Belgian and European.

ASBL Onda is a member of HFCC, an international entity responsible for the coordination of shortwave radio frequencies, in addition to the ITU, based in Geneva.


Alex innokas DX-kuuntelija Valko-Venäjällä on ladannut videon tuubiin Ondan kuuluvuudesta siellä:


MPB music - what is it?  It is typical Brazilian popular music - very entertaining! MPB is also an essential part of Radio Ondas programs!
I put here for you some good examples of that nice music!
Do enjoy!
Kari- eu amo isso


Radio Onda- uutisointia WWDXC:n sivuilta: NETHERLANDS:Radio Onda on 6140 kHz AM; antenna for 9520 kHz is ready.

In a communication from the station I was told that the new antenna for planned 9520 kHz "is ready". Now they are waiting for the transmitter to
arrive: "It is low power, 400 to 500 watts, but enough to cover most of Europe. Hope to put it on air in the next two months or so, I am not sure
about the propagation, if it will be good during day or night, or both, lets see...". vy73

Radio Onda 6140 kHz s/on must have been a couple of minutes ago. Now at 1450 UTC on August 29, SINPO 44444 with music from Brazil.
They are communicating 9520 kHz. I will ask for confirmation.

9520 kHz was confirmed by Radio Onda, a move from former 9530 kHz instead! (Harald Kuhl-D  DL1AX, BrDXC-UK Aug 29 / 30)

Re: Radio Onda on 6140 kHz AM; antenna for 9520 kHz is ready.
? 9520 kHz ? request on 9530 kHz instead. 73 wb jn48or

Radio Onda operates from the Dutch city Borculo on 6140 kHz (500 watt)! In addition to good French music, the best international hits from the 80s and 90s, you will also hear beautiful Brazilian songs! The intention is to start from October/November 2021 with a 2nd short wave transmitter on 9520 kHz. The website is

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Radio Onda listeners on a map  :P